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Scruffy Murphy's is a traditional Irish pub with a decidedly less-than-traditional take on the live bands that play our stage. Hosting music as diverse as Irish Punk, Alt-Country, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Blues and straight up Rock-n-Roll, you're sure to have a great time when a band hits the Scruffy's stage. Of course the house music comes courtesy of ongoing custom mixes, and we enjoy hosting some of our better-known musician friends when they're in town...check us out!

  • STREET DOGS. Seven Nations. The Indulgers. The Mighty Regis.

    Strumming and plucking the mandolin while rocking out with bagpipes, electric guitars, pounding drums and heartfelt singing - THAT'S what gets the Scruffy's crowd jumping on a Saturday night. Bands like those above, and countless others, have graced our stage - head on never know who might be here! 

  • You think you can rock Scruffy's?

    If you've got a band that TRULY rocks it, you pull your own crowd AND you can keep the one that's here, we'd like to hear from you and get you on the band rotation. You can contact us at 303.291.6992.